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Welcome to  Our aim is to provide parents with ideas on books to read to their children aged 0 to 7. We provide age-specific book lists, up to date information on all UK children's book award winners, and a comprehensive guide to reading schemes.  We also provide a number of useful links to best selling books and new releases at  All the information on this site is provided in association with, but it is all completely free and library users are very welcome!

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Children's book award winners

Latest winners

Winner of the Practical Pre-School Award (for books) 2007:
The Series "Touchables" by DK Publishing



Winner of the Booktrust Early Years Awards 2007 (Baby Book Category):
Tucking In! by Jess Stockham  



Winner of the Booktrust Early Years Awards 2007 (Pre-School Award):
Penguin by Polly Dunbar




Winner of the Booktrust Early Years Award 2007 (Best Emerging Illustrator):
Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett




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Learning to read

Learning Letter sounds:


Reading schemes with new books in 2008:

Collins Big Cat
DK Readers

I Can Read
My First I Can Read Books
Oxford Reading Tree
Read at Home (Oxford Reading Tree)
Reading Corner
Ready to Read
Songbirds (Oxford Reading Tree)
Step into Reading
Usborne First Reading
Usborne Phonics Readers

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Best selling books about learning to reading

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